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Remote Knob - 1

PAC LC-1 Remote Amplifier Level Controller

Remote Knob - 2

Alpine RUX-KNOB.2 Remote Bass Level Control

Remote Knob - 3

Alpine RUX-KNOB Remote Bass Level Control Knob for PDX-M12 and PDX-M6

Remote Knob - 4

Kicker 10ZXRC Remote Bass Control for Kicker ZX Amplifier

Remote Knob - 5

Skar Audio GCR-1 Remote Level Control Remote Knob

Remote Knob - 6

Rockford PEQ Punch Equalization Remote

Remote Knob - 7

Audio Control Wired Remote Control for The Epicenter, LC2i, LC6, 6XS and Overdrive Plus

Remote Knob - 8

JL Audio HD-RLC Amplifier Remote Level Control and Cable

Remote Knob - 9

Massive Audio UR1 Amplifier Gain Control Knob. Adjustable Gain Amplifier Remote Level Controller for All Current Massive Audio Amplifiers - 0 to 12 dB Sub Amp Gain Control

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Remote Knob